Mahapravu-Pravu Yagna Narasimha, Vishakha Matha & Maa Batah Mangala

Mahapravu-Pravu Yagna Narasimha, Vishakha Matha & Maa Batah Mangala
Pravu Yagna Narasimha Temple
The temple of Pravu Yagna Narasimha is situated in north east of Gundicha temple, close to its boundary wall. When you walk from Gundicha temple towards Indradyumna Sarovara, Pravu Yagna Narasimha is a short distance on your right.
The presiding deity is Pravu Narasimha. There are two images of Pravu Narasimha inside the temple, one behind the other. The image in front is called Santa Narasimha. In local language ‘Santa’ means ‘Calm’ or ‘Sober’. Anyone who sees this image of Pravu Narasimha will have his anger, frustration, and anxiety vanish. The Deity in the back is called Ugra Narasimha. In local language ‘Ugra’ means ‘Angry’. He is the internal mood of Narasimha.
This area of Gundicha (Indradyumna Sarovara, etc.) is known as Mahavedi. When King Indradyumna came here for the first time he camped in this area and after worshiping Pravu Narasimha, performed one thousand Ashvamedha Yagnas.
Vishakha Matha
This matha is situated in Markandeshvara sahi near Markandeya Sarovara. A Brahman family is still doing seva puja. The deities are now worshipped in a small room next to the temple. The deities of Goura Gadadhara, installed and worshipped by Narahari Thakura, are still here.
Maa Bata Mangala
Bata Mangala temple is located on the roadside 3kms before the entrance to Puri. It is a small temple, reaching only about 15 feet in height, and the four handed form of Devi sitting in the padmasana posture is very beautiful.
In Odia language ‘Bata’ means ‘Way’, since Maa Mangala is enshrined on the way to Shreekhetra, she is known as Maa Bata Mangala. She is believed to guide the pilgrims to Puri. As she showed Pitahmaha Brahma the path to Puri when He first visited, invited by King Indradyumna, so pilgrims pay their first respect here praying that she also reveal the real dham to them too.
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