Mahapravu-Mausi Maa Mandira,Swargadwara & Sheta Ganga

Mahapravu-Mausi Maa Mandira,Swargadwara & Sheta Ganga
Mausi Ma Mandira
In Odisha “Mausi Ma” means aunty. The temple is situated almost the mid way of the Grand road, a small temple of the Goddess Ardhasini otherwise called as Mausima of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath. During return of Ratha yatra all chariots stop here at Mausi Ma Mandira and the deities are offered Poda Pitha, a kind of cake.
Swarga Dwara
Svarga Dwara means doorway to Heaven. it is situated on the oceanfront. There is a road from Mahapravu Shree Jagannath temple to Svargadvara called Bali Sahi Road. At this place, demigods from the heavenly planets enter puri to take darshan of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath. By the prayer of King Indradyumna, Brahma came to this place with demigod. On every Amavasya tithi, Mahapravu Shree Jagannath comes to Swarga Dwara in His Narayana form to take bath in Mahodadhi (the great ocean).
Sveta Ganga
Sveta Ganga is a holy pond situated south of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Mandira. Walking away from Jagannath Temple towards Swarga Dwara on Bali Sahi Road, this pond is located just opposite to the hose of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, in a small lane off Bali Sahi Road. This is one of the Pancha Tirthas in Puri Dham. It is said in sastra that if one take bath in Sveta Ganga and takes darshan of Sveta Madhava and Matsya Madhava, he will be free from all sins, in particular the offence of inadvertently stepping over Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Prasadam.
In Puranas it is described as Akrishna, meaning “not black.” Sveta means white. People here say that once a year, for a brief moment, the water of this pond turns as white as milk.
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
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