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My heartfelt gratitude to justkalinga team for sending such a beautiful Shri Jagannath idol. Just a glance at his smiling face fills my heart with immense joy. The packaging, nirmalya, dress for the lord and every minute detail have been catered to in such an adept manner that it is bound to please the receiver. 😊

Debaleena Mitra


Absolutely genuine, unlike other websites, they sell good products and have express service as well. The Gita Gobinda cloth they sent for my God was awesome, seemed like my Jagannathji is very happy!

Atmadeep Ghosal


Very good customer service. Deities arrived safely and quickly to the USA. Thank you! Will definitely purchase from again. Haribol!

Matt godden


simple things to add in your Devotional life

A tulasi mala

With shri jagannath

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Shri Jagannath grace blazer

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Jagannath Bedge

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buy brass suna besh from Shri Jagannath mahaprabhus traditional outfits…

   Daily wear of shri jagannnath mahaprabhu 

Different rupam of shri jagannath mahaprabhu

Every devotee has vision of shri jagannath mahaprabhu

their own way ! here some of expression devotees devotion …

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We’re here for your Spiritual journey

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jai jagannath

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