Asta Samvu or Asta Mahadevas

Asta Samvu or Asta Mahadevas
According to the Skanda Purana there are Asta Samvu, or eight Mahadevas, in Sri Ksetra:
Kapala Mochana, Lokanatha Mahadeva, Kameshvara, Ksetrapala, Yameshvara, Markandeshvara, Isaneshvara, Visveshvara and Nilakantheshvara.
Sri Kapala Mochana Mahadeva: The Kapala Mochana Mahadeva is situated near the horse gate (southern gate) of the Sri Jagannatha Temple, and it is forty feet under the ground. The temple is located on the left side of Gandua Chaura Chowk in Manikarnika Street.
Initially Brahma had five heads. Dev Dev Mahadev slapped one of those head, and the Kapala (Head of Brahma) remained attached to Dev Dev Mahadev’s hand, thus he committed the sin of killing a brahmana. He could not get rid of it and went everywhere but this sin followed him. Finally, when lord Shiva was passing through Puri Dham, suddenly the Kapala fell from his hand. Thus the mercy of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath and the power of Sri Ksetra Dham, Dev Dev Mahadev become free from his sin, and so this deity is known as Shree Kapala Mochana Mahadeva, meaning “Mahadeva from whose hand the head fell.”
He is one of the five Shiva’s who Protect Puri Dham, and is known as Nakula of the Pandavas. Kapala Mochana Temple is associated with several festival of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath temple, like Chandan Yatra festival, Sitalasasti, Dolapurnima and Rudravisekha of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Temple.
Sri Lokanatha Mahadeva: This temple is situated on the south west side of the Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Temple on the Lokanatha Road. Sri Lokanatha Mahadeva is one of five dvara palas of Puri Dham and the main among the five Mahadevas. These five Mahadevas are also known as the five Pandavas; He is known as Bhimasena.
The innermost chamber of the main temple preserves a Shiva linga which is the presiding deity of the temple. This linga is visible to the devotees once in every year. The sanctum including the linga is filled with water throughout the year by a natural fountain. In the night of Pankoddhar Ekadashi (3 days before the famous Shivaratri festival) all the water is bailed out and the Shiva Linga becomes visible and thousands of devotees are able to worship the Pravu directly.

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