Fall down fall down oh Lord…
In what a stupid way
I miss you o mahabahu
If you weren’t there in my death
So do I miss you?
If you weren’t perfect to die my jhuri
So don’t you keep killing yourself every day?
Don’t know why I miss you so much today
From every moment in a very lonely moment
You come into my heart by making a lion.
Destroy all the worries of my subconscious mind to consciousness
Heart, body, my outlook
Suck my breath away |
I think where was your thirst so much
Where did you have so much confusion
I want every moment to be over please
If you are so satisfied with my pain
By burning me, this day will be given in Alhad
Make all the moments happy |
Got you thinking, O emotional man
I have a life time too.
This life will not end before touching you.
Hey, did you think that you will ask for a little life |
In the pretext of touching you
Oh my lord
You are the God of my feelings
Yours is the God of my tears
I also know whether it is you or my body is mortal |
We who are born after birth
In every birth, you will be giving life along with your soul |
Even the wind is sufficient, O graceful
May there be only the touch of your Shreeanga in that wind.
You get into my inner joint without any reason
Maybe I will survive for some time.
In your nectar touch….
Wherever I see, there is flood of deception
Take care of me before I float hey…..
Who else is there in this world other than you
In the way of handling
All my unintelligible moments are handled
Don’t you hear my koh
No my tears are not visible….
Such a big explosive eye
I am scared of you.
Don’t you know, I keep looking at your innocent look.
In that look, your feelings are there.
Here there is a crowd of hundreds of selfish people
Everyone sees their world
And you are also like that
The one who doesn’t ask you a little, first look at his world |
Yes big sant you don’t want me if you don’t want me
I don’t even have the courage to do this
Leave my words, to ask you about yours
To every helpless moment of life
At what time I throw everything away
In which place of apantara nikanchan
One day I fell in front of you
Not for me m
Just for the whole of you
Woke up crying being a turtle
Asked your serious question |
In front of whom should I tell
This wheel eyes speak,
Listens to words, understands words…
Who is the believer in this unbeliever world…
Even though I didn’t know that day, I know today
Maybe not you sure did melt
Watching my melt down
Gave me a difference to melt in you
Gave in such a way that it will melt
Just melted everything of me
You have melted yourself too…..
They say they are
You are on the throne of jewel
They say,
You don’t leave the field
You have given blessings four times….
You said the truth, the ultimate truth.
Are they telling the truth or are you a liar?
If you don’t leave the field, your epic statement is true
So why come dragging in my tears
Touch my inner soul…
You can be seen by looking in the eyes
Any moment that indicates your presence
And there is a beggar to ask for something in darshan…..
I will not ask you for anything
Why do you make yourself a liar come to me
What is this to make me dull
No to be a great bath in my tears…..
May be interim for them
Are you all the ego of your wishes?
Break yourself into pieces and walk away
My tears are in the flood of fog….
I think maybe it hurts you a lot
In the tie of Pat race
Explain all my strange things by being the best understanding
They drag me down for their happiness
And I’m dragged myself to the opposite direction of your tears
Where there is no promise of begging
The desire of receiving
Lost the bar glanny….
That’s it,
This is all I need oh wish
I swear on you, I am telling the truth
Nah she had to ask you for something
Now there’s something to ask for!
No, I will ask you anything in future….!
Once you’ve been snatched from yourself
Is there any other elixir’s desire left?
What are the eyes that see the difference between nectar-poison
Can your touch ever feel so nectar!
Do you become nectar or the poison of halter
Where is my time to know hey….
By sucking you up inside
To surrender myself to you…
In the past moment, self-identity, ability, greatness is also lost somewhere.
Where are you, come to me….
Become badasinghar in my disability
May I get fragrant in my loneliness for your sandalwood
May your basil tree be fragrant with my kindness…
Who else am I?
I am completely yours….
In the beat of your greatness
You get warned over and over again
Yes, you are only mine
Yes, I’m only yours
Why did you say like this?
Drink everything by being you my tears
And drink those tears by being yourself…….
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
ହେ ମଣିମା


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