Oh Lord……..
What an unpredictable pula pula loneliness
You suddenly fall as your own in confusion.
To every helplessness of mine
Become a word of fierce love and make it happen.
I am free from myself after getting lost.
In the loneliness of my view,
Sparkle comes in your wheel eye.
In the pride of being with my Tuni,
The vibrations come in the middle of your color.
In the untouchables of my arms,
The busyness of your greatness |
Seriously look at every piece of stone inside,.
Gotta get my koh in every preparation |
Touch your sriang sandalwood lap and see.
That humidity would have me in tears |
Measure every part of your erundi bond with a glance,
You’ll get the callous moments of my relationship |
You just look at the cena
I get dull |
You just make a smile,
I take the breath back |
You give me the sense of adopting,
I make you mine by crossing the world |
Sage, sages say
You are unparalleled,
But for me you are forever waiting |
For me you are the description of my every moment |
Anything else to imagine without you….
Ohhhh…. hell for me |
You are the reason for my every worry |
The nectar…
You are the beginning of my life’s ‘ A ‘
You are the only limited to my loneliness |
For which birth fault are you punishing?
What peace are you in after being punished?
Sit alone on the throne of gems |
Your para is such a big explosive eye
Once you open your eyes and see you are serious from inside,
In the mahodadhi only the tears of missing you are waving,
Ask your bastard back in the back
Dumber than countless hills of fog |
Speaking the truth by touching the eyes,
Here in every house, the old mother is missing you,
Hiding her tancia lochakocha face in the evening of the ink,
Son and daughter marriage went well,
Now here is your first favorable guava / arua rice on a big stick,
Father missing you with a helpless look |
And a mother to her child
He don’t even speak like that anymore
Who to fear…. Who to fear….
Kalia is there in Chowbaha
He is dragging his Kalia son inside his ear,
If I don’t get you anymore
Wiping the tears by being disabled in the vow |
To the child who went to the arson chariot
Why did you show the greed of feeling so good?
See how he is in the evening.
Pulling his mother’s ear….
Speaking by pointing finger to the middle road of the village
Oh my god…
Kalia Kalia…..
Without you here every festival is turning into misery |
You are the only one living here,
Everybody else already dead since when |
Here for the mother’s own son-in-law,
Mother, you were crying saying that you are hungry,
That mama been crying for months to see you |
My chest is bursting hey…
Here’s to you, many tears, fog storms |
You will be sinned…
Open the lion gates….
Could not open it
Come out in a dump hey….
Sit down with the dullness of these bhubukhs
On the screams of missing you |
Everyone is crying hiding everyone here because of you….
You are the one who wishes,
If not for me then not
Didn’t show me a little
You fall for these at a moment….
Oh Lord…………….
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
ହେ ମଣିମା

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