What is the Divine Lila of Krishna !

patatchita krishna

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Om Jagannathaya Namaha ..
Lord Krishna’s LILA .
LILA : Which is the divine playfulness of life.
a dimension of life which we know as krishna consciousness .

That means :😊
If you want to test an essence of what it is mean when we say krishna . The consciousness that we racer to as krishna if we have to touched by this .we need LILA .

LILA means .Β 

It is the path of the playful .this is not for the serious types .Β 

If you want to explore the path of playful .
You need a heartful of love ,joyful mind and a vibrant bodyΒ 

Otherwise there will be no lila .

Keep a essence of LILA in your home . by traditional artists on a special type of clothes and leafs called Patachitra .


Do you know PATACHITA ART Can last up to 200 years . it can also help us to transfer the divine knowledge .

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