Holy Darshan & Holy Mahaprasad sevas of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath

Holy Darshan & Holy Mahaprasad sevas of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath are the twin desires of each believer of Mahapravu. When we as pilgrims devotees or as visitors go to the Mahapravu’s Temple complex, we usually wait for sometime to partake Holy Mahaprasad preferably in Anand Bazar. Anand Bazar which is situated inside the premises of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri is a place where Holy Mahaprasad in shape cooked rice, dals, curry, sweets and Sukhila Bhog etc. which are offered to Mahapravu Shree Jagannath and reoffered to the presiding Maa Vimala become Mahaprasad and are sold in Anand Bazar by the Suaras (the cooks of the sanctified Mahaprasad). Here in Anand Bazar people of various categories right from Brahmin to Sudras partake Mahaprasad in a common place from a common container. This indicates that there is no sense of segregation between Brahmin and non-Brahmin or between the touchables and non-touchables or between Hindus, Budhists, Jains and Sikhs. Similarly, there are two kinds of servitors engaged for performance of rituals of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath i.e. Brahmin and non-Brahmin. Sudhasuaras, Paniapata, Mudalies, Daitas, Duttamohapatra, Mahabhoi, Gananamalies, Chapabehera, Muliasuansia and Deulakaran and Tadhaukaran and many more such other servitors belong to non-Brahmin category and Pujapanda, Puspalok, Pratihari, Khuntia, Patribadu, Saurabadu, Gochhikar, Pati Mohapatra, Taluchha Mohapatra, Chhatisa Nijog-Nayak-Patajosi Mohapatra, Mudirasta, Mekap and such other group or individual belong to Brahmin category and both the Brahmin and non-Brahmin category jointly participate in performance of rituals of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath in a very systematic way as per scriptural instructions. The above facts pre-supposes the mutual co-existence and equal patronage as well as weightage given and made respectively to various categories of servitors which is based on social equality before the eyes of the Mahapravu Shree Jagannath. It has been a practice with devotees to partake Holy Mahaprasad from a common container jointly in Anand Bazar irrespective of castes, creeds and without any dithering. It is told and believed that while we are inside the premises of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, we use to get the quintessence of “Baikuntha”, which does not exist in void, but exists where there is no hesitation i.e. no hesitation which leads to Bainkuntha (abode of Gods). The impact of culture of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath in social life of people is so farfetching and predominating that nobody as such in general can fathom.
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
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