Story of king Ambrisha . One who is a great devotee of shri Jagannath


Story of lord Jagannath

The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
ହେ ମଣିମା
Pravu Sudarshan

Once upon a time, there was a good and pious king. His name was Ambarisha. He was a devotee of Bhagaban Vishnu. He considered his daily services as humble offerings to Bhagaban Vishnu. On one occasion, he made up his mind to observe a spiritual austerity by an institution of special worship of Bhagaban Vishnu on the 12th day of every lunar month for a period of one year for his spiritual uplift. He and his wife performed the ritual together with utmost devotion. When the completion of one year duration arrived, he celebrated the concluding ritual in pomp and ceremony. Just on that day, Maharshi Durbasa came to his palace with his followers. The pious king and his wife offered their hospitality to the great saint and invited him and his followers to the afternoon meal on the occasion of their concluding ritual. The saint with his followers went to Jamuna River for ablution. While taking bath, he remained immersed in the thought of the Bhagaban and skipped the launch time which caused a great hardship to the king. The king was supposed to conclude his ritual in time or else it would act against him in a reverse way. He consulted his Brahmins. They advised him to conclude the ritual in proper time by breaking his fasting by taking at least water as he was to wait for the arrival of Marharshi Durbasa. He followed the instructions of his Brahmins. Maharsi Durbasa with his followers returned to the palace of Ambarisha after bath at a very late hour of the day. On arrival, when he came to know what the king had done by then, he got very wild and by creating a demon called Krutya, he ordered him to destroy the pious king in anger. The king was unperturbed at the impending danger and he prayed to Pravu Sri Sudarshan for help. King Ambarisha was not at fault under any circumstance. Pravu Sri Sudarshan instantly appeared at the palace to save the king from the impending catastrophe. At first, he killed the demon and then he followed the Maharsi to equally punish him for his audacious curse. Durbasha ran from pillar to post for help. Even the Pravus , Pitahmaha Brahma, Bhagaban Vishnu and Dev Dev Mahadev could not save him from the danger. Bhagaban Vishnu at last advised the Maharshi to approach king Ambarisha for necessary help because it was Ambarisha who alone could save him from the wrath of Pravu Sri Sudarshan. At last the saint approached the king for help. Ambarisha, by offering the fruits of all his past religious achievements, prayed to Pravu Sri Sudarshan to calm down and save the life of the Maharshi. Pravu Sri Sudarshan, was immensely pleased with the King’s humble submission. At last Pravu Sri Sudarshan saved the life of Durbasha. So it is said that Pravu Sri Sudarshan is kind to the devotees of the Pravu to this extent. One can get his help when one is in danger and prays to him for his blessings….to be continued….


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