Spiritual Dedicated to Maa ShreeRadha

Spiritual Dedicated to Maa ShreeRadha
The bad smile of Sri Krishna -:
Rukmani Devi once gave her to drink milk after Lord Sri Krishna had food. The milk was a little hot, so felt some pain in the throat of Sri Krishna. Suddenly, Sri Radhe came out of Sri Krishna’s Srimudha. Rukmani Devi who was nearby felt bad.
He said, β€²β€² Oh Lord, I am with you, why do you remember the king What is there in love with the king that you remember him in every breath? Does he love you more than me? I too love you a lot. But you never remember me in hard times.
Sri Krishna said, Hey goddess, have you ever seen the king? He started laughing badly after saying all this.
Day after day Rukmani reached the palace to visit the goddess Raja. After seeing an extraordinary beautiful woman outside the palace, I thought, this might be the king and queen. So he touched his feet and bowed.
Devotee beautiful woman asked who are you sir?
Rukmani Devi gave her identity and told the reason. A beautiful woman said that I am a common slave of the king and queen. He will meet you at the seventh door of the palace. Rukmani Devi reached the seventh door of the palace and near every door she saw a beautiful woman. She thought if her maids were so beautiful and beautiful, then the king and queen of her own would be more beautiful than the moon.
He entered the King and Queen’s room with such thoughts. King and queen sat in a corner of the room. Her face looked more beautiful and brighter than the dull sun. As soon as Rukmani Devi touched the feet of Raja Rani and bowed down, she saw that her whole body moves down.
Rukmani asked, how is this walk in your body? Raja Rani answered the hot milk you gave to Sri Krishna yesterday, it hurt her heart because it was heated. I’m always and always in her heart. So my whole body got in touch with hot milk.
That’s why it’s said if you want to live, stay in the heart of others by fearing them. Only through innocent love and pure love, let the heart of others be afraid. I will say that love always wins. Just like king krishna.

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