Sata Pahacha Pahandi( TAHIA)

The captivating scene of the crown or TAHIA of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath swinging and moving like waves, makes the heart of devotees skip a beat. During the Pahandi on Rath Yatra when the three sibling deities come out of their abode, no matter how far a devotee is standing on the Grand Road, the moving tahia indicates the Mahapravu’s motion. Within a few moments, the devotees claim their share of the Mahapravu’s blessing by tearing off the Tahia and the maker of the crown quietly but smilingly watches his efforts of months disappear into fragments.
The amazing reality is when a person reminds the swing of Mahapravu’s Tahia (At Sata Pahacha Pahandi) and showers his/her love upon him and their soul is unified with him then he/she also realises a similar vibration / swing inside his /her body.
“The happiness to see the devotion for Mahapravu is much more than the pain to see the Tahia, so meticulously created with complete dedication and spiritual fervour, disappear within minutes. I’m no different from the other devotees. It is all for the brotherhood, the fraternity of the Mahapravu’s followers and I also love to see the downpour of affection when servitors snatch away bits of tahia to keep a souvenir of our deity,”.
Hailing from the family of servitors entrusted with the duty of decoration or ‘besha’ of the Trinity of Srimandir, Sevayat begins crafting the three tahias for the three sibling deities from Akshay Tritiya day, almost two months before Rath Yatra.
“The tahias for both Rath Yatra and Bahuda Yatra. The sizes differ for both days. On Rath Yatra, smaller tahias are used compared to Bahuda to help the deities come out of the temple easily as the entrance of Srimandir is smaller than Gundicha temple,”
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
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