Mahapravu-Nilakantheshvra,Yameshyra & Markendeshvara Mahavev

NilakantheshvarMahapravu-Nilakantheshvra,Yameshyra & Markendeshvara Mahaveva Mahadev: This is situated in the far east of Jagannatha puri, on the bank of Indradyumna Sarovara behind Gundicha Temple. Nilakanthesvara Mahadeva is one of the Pancha Shiva and Asta Sambhu who guard Puri Dham. He is also known as the Pandava brother Sahadeva.
Yameshvara Mahadev: Here Dev Dev Mahadev is known as Yameshvara Mahadeva because he controls Yamraja. This is situated in Yameshvara Tota, North of Tota Gopinatha temple and south of Mahapravu Shree Jagannatha temple at the end of Harachandi Sahi. The temple is about forty feet ground level. This place is also known as Yavanika Tirtha. The Vijaya Vigraha of Sri Yameshvara Mahadeva is a Hari-Hara Murti. This murti goes to Mahapravu Shree Jagannatha temple on different occasion.
He is also understood to be the eldest brother of the Pandavas, Maharaja Yudhisthira.
Markandeshvara Mahadev: The ancient Markandeshvara Shiva Temple is situated in the Markandeshvar Street by the side of the Markandeshvara tank, to the north of the Jagannatha temple. This place can be approached on the right side of Markandeshvara road leading from Markandeshvara chowk to Puri-Brahmagiri road. Markandeya Muni resides here and worships Dev Dev Mahadev. This temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is a Sivalinga. He is the Arjuna among five Pandavas.
Markandeya tank: Markandeya tank is an open structure and it enclosed within a stone wall made of dressed laterite blocks. After taking bath in Markandeya Sarovara one should take darshan of Markandeshvara Mahadeva, which gives the result of performing a Rajasuya Yagya and Ashvamedha Yagya.
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
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