Love U.Love U.Love U…
I give tears everyday but it never reaches you.
I write some thing everyday but it never reaches you.
For I have not practiced forfeit Mahapravu for you.
You have so many devotees , who am I for you ?
Still I will never give up my writing , for on tenterhooks to see you!
There is no other Pravus for me in this life or in next. Apart from your Mahaprasad I have nothing else expected in my life You fill the Universe but my heart can surround you Bring meaning to this meaningless life without you!
You may be astounded as to why I wrote this for You, when I love you every every single moments of my life; think for you; yearn for your divine grace; my prayers for You may not be enough, so I do express my deep appreciation and gratitude for You from the core of my heart.
Hey Mahapravu, You are one and inimitable. You are one in many and many in one. You are divine yet humanly. You are mystifying and unfathomable. Yet, I distinguish You in my love, faith and devotion. My life rolls and revolves around You as time passes… day after day, year after year, decade after decade. I take birth, die and take rebirth. I begin where I end. I breathe your last where I start. You are the sole bystander; Your infinite occurrence inspires me to live, to undergo and to prolong in this earth.
You are One and only who comes in my life to bestow divine refinement to my each breath irrespective of caste, race and colour, despite the consequences of time and space. Your rituals from Snana Yatra to Anasara; Naba-Jauban to Rath Yatra are grand celebration of life for witnessing your inimitable leelas; bliss and pain, desire and sorrow, express joy and remembrance.
Your transitory absence since last 8 months created a great emptiness within me. I wailed when I couldn’t see you on Ratna Simhasan. My heart hollowed, my apparition indistinct perceptive You and You only. I was mesmerized when You came again on my heart make ir as Ratna Simhasan You came out with Pahandi in my each tear drop flow.I feel that touch in that tear and that , embraces You and felt as if a ray of compassion flowing from a cosmic source enthralled my heart and soul, my eyes flooded with tears, I got spell-bound and couldn’t utter a word even though I had many things to tell you.
Hey Mahapravu , You are the creator, nurturer and protector of this world. Your stories of Gaja Udharana and Mruguni Harana remind me that You have saved all from the peril of life whoever called You with ardent love and devotion. Your arms are ever opened to enfold all — to hug to all but why not me?
Your insightful stories in Bhagavat to Bhagbat Geeta; Skanda Purana to Dadhyata Bhakti proclaim that from all living to non-living ; from creature to human, all are equal for You. You are not simply an icon or an image, nor a symbol of any fastidious faith and passion. You are a magnificent divine power holding our grand ancient philosophy and evolution for centuries.
Biswabasu Agyan is frequent streams of Your devotion and familiarity. Biswabasu Agyan contained You by sheer love and devotion showing the path of Bhakti, and Bidyapati perceived You in knowledge, revealing the path of enlightenment. Your Nabakalebara sensitized our temporal continuation in this world. Your Holy Ajnamaala gave the divine directive to your servitors to start Vanayaga, a wonderful journey to find a new body for You as You got old to leave this world. You are our most warm Mahapravu-Manima. How can You be different for me?
Hey Mahapravu , I can’t be a devotee like Viswabasu who caressed You in love and devotion, nor an ardent seeker like Balaram Das agyan who visualised You as to appear in Sand Chariot; nor Mahapurusa Achytananda who prayed your kind presence at the last moment of life How a common soul of mine can realize your eternal presence and divine magnanimity?
Hey Mahapravu , You are so near and dear to me. You are in my success and failure, trial and tribulation. You are my inner faith and strength, courage and consistency, sense and conscience. You are within me and beyond, here and there, above and below. You inspire me in dreams and desires, enlighten my intellect, cherish like parents, guide like a teacher, walk with me like a comrade. I am none without you. Your mysterious existence has made me rich and affluent. Your feelings and memories, realizations and recollections are the only treasure that I can carry in my life and afterwards.
Hey Mahapravu, I don’t seek salvation; nor do I desire liberation from this mundane world. I fervently wish to serve You in this life and hereafter. Your invaluable presence in my life is an auspicious bliss, I rejoice to find you in my heart and soul. My body is your temple, my heart is Your Ratna Simhasan, where You take bath in my tears and adorn in my pains and pleasures, the flowers of my wishes and desires enfold and embrace You all the times. You are in me and I am in You. You are the essence and solace of my life.
Mahapravu Hey, my love, faith and devotion for You would remain unbroken and unshaken in this life and forever.Love U.Love U.Love U…
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
ହେ ମଣିମା

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