After getting ‘Agnyamala’, the team of ‘Darujatri’ or explorers of ‘Daru’ come out of the temple through its Singhadwara and travel to Sri Jagannath Ballav Math via the Sri Nahar or royal abode of Gajapati Maharaja . From there they travel to Deuli Math at Kakatpur. During this journey Pravu Shree Sudarshan leads the way. Pravu Shree Sudarshan is not the pole like one worshipped on the ‘Ratnasimhasana’. It is a replica of the Nilachakra placed at the top of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath temple, which is kept in the ‘Bahara Bhandara Ghara’ or outer store house of Sri Mandir. But spiritually both the pillar and circular forms of Pravu Shree Sudarshan are one and same. A wooden handle is attached to this circular Pravu Sudarshan made up of silver. In the ‘Banajaga
rituals or the process to search the ‘Daru’ trees in the woods Pravu Shree Sudarshan plays a key role like that of Pravu Shree Nrusimha. Apart from leading the ‘Banajaga Jatri’ team from ‘Simhadwara’ the prime gate of temple
facing east to Jagannath Ballav Math and from there to Deuli Math of Kakatpur Sri Sudarshan is also placed on the left side of Maa Mangala during ritualistic ‘Majana’ or consecration of the deity. As per directives provided by Maa Mangala through dreams, ‘Daru’ trees with divine symbols are selected. When a tree gets selected as ‘Daru’, at first Pravu Shree Sudarshan is placed at the base of the tree. Then starts the Yagna for ‘Daru Chhedan’ or cutting of ‘Daru’.
In this ‘Yagnashala’ or abode of Yagna, ‘Astra Puja’ or worship of cutting tools to be used for cutting the ‘Daru’ is performed. These cutting tools include three axes made up of gold, silver and iron and an iron billhook. The billhook is used
for sacrificial rituals in which a watermelon is cut down as symbolic sacrifice and the three axes are used to cut down ‘Daru’ tree. These sharp tools are worshipped with ‘Astra Mantra’. Pravu Sri Sudarshan happens to be the deity of ‘Astra Mantra’. After completion of Yagna, its Acharyas take the cutting tools to the base of the ‘Daru’ tree and sacrifice of the watermelon is done with
chanting of Pravu Shree Sudarshan Mantra. Gold, Silver and Iron axes sanctified with the same Mantra are used to cut down the tree. The Acharyas hand over these axes to the concerned servitors, one after the other while chanting Sudarshan Mantra. In this process a ‘Daru’ tree is cut down and after completion of this process for one, the same process for next ‘Daru’ has to be taken up. Pravu Sri Sudarshan is taken to the base of next ‘Daru’ tree. After cutting, the ‘Daru’ logs is prepared for transportation. It is covered up by traditional silk fabric and one after another they are carried to Koili Baikuntha of Sri Mandir by hand dragged carts. The cart carrying ‘Daru’ of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath rolls to Sri Mandir in the end and it is led by Pravu Shree Sudarshan. During this journey Pravu Shree Sudarshan is tightly bound to the front of silk cloth covered ‘Daru’ of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath. ‘Bahirbanajaga’ or outside rituals related to Nabakalebara concludes when ‘Daru’ of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath reaches Koili Baikuntha of Sri Mandir. With it Pravu Shree Sudarshan returns back to the store house. This proves that Pravu Shree Sudarshan plays a key role during ‘Bahirbanajaga’ of Mahapravu shree Jagannath as he is considered most powerful and destroyer of evils. Pravu Sri Sudarshan is not only a weapon held in the right hand of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath, he is also worshipped along with Mahapravu on the ‘Ratna Simhasana’. Pravu Sri Sudarshan also finds place on the top of the Sri Mandir temple in the form of Nilachakra. As per Puranic scriptures the first divine ‘Daru’ of Mahapravu Shree Jagannath had floated out at ‘Banki Muhana’ beach of Puri. A stone carved Nilachakra is worshipped at the spot, which is known as Chakratirtha. Added to as per Yoga and Tantra Chakras in our backbone and
brain are points of consciousness that lead to enlightenment. Pravu Sri Sudarshan represents all the Chakras in our backbone, so it is worshipped in
a shape of pillar rather than a Chakra in the Sri Mandir.
The Eternal Mystery Of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath by Srikanta…..
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